Following on from our Volume 1 article on carbon accounting, we bring to you a deep dive into the carbon credit and offset market, and its crucial role in shaping the way that the climate industry will evolve, in terms of i) commitments to net zero; ii) offsetting carbon…
Carbon accounting is increasingly gaining momentum to tackle climate change. Here's what it would take to strengthen carbon accounting practices to…
We are an early stage climate tech and circular economy fund based in India.
Why we invested in EdgeGrid
The case for Hemp as a Textile Fibre
An overview of alternative cellulose-based bast fibres in contributing towards net zero carbon emissions
What the future holds for hydrogen, the fuel that could play a pivotal role in energy transition.
Welcome to Theia Briefing by me, Theia Ventures. Theia Ventures invests in high-impact, technology companies in India with flexible capital, to help…
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